about me

Dear knitters and followers, welcome to my privat website, my name is Jana.

I come from Latvia, I did my first knits in 8 years, my grandma was a great teacher, while other kids played in yard I knitted and crocheted :) Also a mittens collection (KAL at Ravelry) was dedicated to her. My first public appearance was in 2010 at DaWanda (now sold to Etsy). I started with crocheted flowers, later knitted socks, mittens and also some wool yarns from Latvia were in offer. After some years we created KlintaWool, meanwhile I studied knitting patterns and started to make my own patterns. I am so glad that people are choosing my designs. Its a main reason why this website is created - for creative knitters, for people who love knitting. Now you can find me also at Ravelry community, there are an active group, in running KAL we discuss about actual themes.

Knitting Patterns

Why Talking Patterns - an answer is very simply - Latvian patterns are not just geometrical oraments, all signs have meaning, which comes from far away history, but it's another story. A lot of work is done, our previous page is fully updated. Now all knitting patterns are in vector format, so you can zoom as close you wish, no more blurred pixels on screen. Of course mostly patterns designs are inspired from Latvian traditional ornaments and signs.


are manufactured in small factories in Latvia, yes - pure sheep wool yarn its sharper and could be itchy, I do not reccommed it for scarfs (depends from skin sensitivity), but it is warm, better fits to northern knitwear, double layer mittens and patterned items (wool do not slip, more easy to knit patterns). Sometimes I dye wool myself in various color shades, doubled washing add more softness. In our privat low profit new webpage we want to popularise knitting and mention about beautiful Latvian knitting patterns.

Thank you

Enjoy knitting!